Sunday, August 10, 2014

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August is Romance Awareness Month. A month that all Romance Writers and couples should celebrate. As a Romance author, my mother would bring two opposite people together against all odds to make a perfect connection. Dominique Falcon is a gorgeous model, a wealthy socialite who dated a no good, triffin', not fit to polish the bottom of her Christian Louboutin shoes, or carry the train of her Valentino Haute Couture grown, gold digging man. Her new rules for romance are simple, "Don't be richer than your man." and "Don't trust a man on the rebound." A chance meeting with Trent Masters a strong, hardworking owner of a trucking company may have her turning in her heels. Trent also is facing heartbreak of his own, but when love strikes, be willing to BREAK EVERY RULE.

* Michelle

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